Whiskey - Coke

This drink will make you forget some part of the night. :)



  • 60 ml of whiskey
  • coke or pepsi
  • ice


  1. add some ice into the glass
  2. add whiskey
  3. add coke


Calories: 330
Alcohol content: 13%
Best quantities: 1/3 Whiskey, 2/3 Coke/Pepsi


The Whiskey-Coke is very famous because it is easy to make.

In nightclubs, orders never stop because the demand is huge! Because of the cheap ingredients, they make a lot of money (especially in some countries as France where the drink is sold seven euro!). For economic reasons, many people buy a bottle of whiskey and do their own mixture.

One glass of Wiskey and coke contains a lot of calories (about 330) because it is made of coke and therefore sugar. If you drink eight glasses of this beverage, you will have enough calories for the rest of the day! You can imagine how it could keep you warm during the winter. :)

You also can find Whiskey with coke already mixed in bottle or can. For example, Jack Daniel's sell these.

A whiskey flavor is also sold for everyone that wants to drink it without alcohol.

More about whiskey:
Every Whiskey lovers would tell you, it is a sacrilege to drink whiskey with coke! :) Whiskey should be consumed only with some ice to keep the original taste.

More about coke (coca-cola):
This drink has been commercialized since 1989 in the United States and of course the recipe has changed. Today, more than 1.5 billion bottles are sold in the world! :o

Chuck Norris and coke

When Chuck Norris drinks a coke, bubbles of gas stay into the drink.

When Chuck Norris puts a mentos into the bottle, the mentos doesn't move, even a bit.

When Chuck Norris pissed into coffee ... coke was born.