Vodka and Sprite

It make us drunk and that's all we want! :D



  • 60 ml of Vodka
  • sprite


  1. first, pour the vodka
  2. then, add the sprite


Calories: 180
Alcohol content: 13°
Best ratio: 1/3 of Vodka, 2/3 of sprite


Vodka always goes better with a fizzy drink, we all know that. Then try it! ;)

More about Vodka:
What could I say? I have no idea. Let's leave it like that. :p

More about Sprite:
Sprite is a fizzy drink made of lemon and a citrus fruit. It has been created by the same society that makes Coke.

Last but not least

There is a man sitting in a bar and looking at his glass. He didn't move for 2h and a big guy who likes to bother people takes the glass and drinks it all.

The other man starts crying. Then the big guy says "Come on small guy, that was just a joke. Look, I'm going to buy you a new drink".

"No, you don't understand. Today is the worst day of my life. First, I slept too much and I came late to work. For that my boss fired me."

"When I left the building, my car was stolen. The police told me they couldn't do anything. Then I took a taxi to go back home but I forgot my wallet inside."

"So I was home and I found my wife in bed with my neighbor. I was so devastated and I came into this bar. And now that I was thinking about ending my life, YOU drank the poison I put in that glass..."