Vodka - Orange juice

A drink to enjoy the whole night!



  • 60 ml of vodka
  • orange juice
  • ice-cubes


  1. put one or two ice cubes
  2. add vodka
  3. add orange juice until the glass is full


Calories: 190
Alcohol content: 13%
Best proportions: 1/3 of Vodka, 2/3 of orange juice


This drink can also be called "screwdriver". Workers used to mix vodka and orange juice with a screwdriver because it was all they had and then this mixture became the screwdriver. You will find it in nightclubs and almost every party because it is easy to make and the ingredients are very common and easy to find.

More about vodka:
Vodka means "small water". The word for water is "voda" in Russian and "ka" is used as a diminutive or in an affective way.

More about orange juice:
Oranges are crushed to give the juice. About 2.5 kilograms of fruits are required to make one liter of orange juice.


A guy comes in a pub and shouts:
- A glass of vodka with orange juice please! Before it starts!
The waiter does and the guy drinks the whole glass.

Then, again:
- Vodka with orange juice please! Before it starts!

The waiter serves him again, the guy drinks and asks :
- One more please! Before it starts !

Another drink is given to the guy and he drinks, then he asks one more time:
- The same again please! Before it starts!

The waiter comes closer and says:
- You seem to be a good guy, but you should think about paying me now.

The guy says:
- Fuck... Here we are, it starts.