Vodka and Lemonade

To keep the taste of vodka, nothing is better than lemonade! ;)



  • 60 ml of Vodka
  • lemonade


  1. add the vodka
  2. add the lemonade


Calories: 190
Alcohol content: 13°
Best ratio: 1/3 of Vodka, 2/3 of lemonade


Vodka and lemonade, the perfect drink to keep the taste of vodka. But, of course you must like the taste of vodka. :)
Moreover, this fizzy drink helps to decrease the strength of the mixture.

More about Vodka:
I don't have inspiration to write something here, I leave you with... nothing.

More about lemonade:
This is a drink which can be fizzy or not. It is made of lemon juice, water and sugar.

Last but not least

A guy arrives in a bar and orders one Vodka-Lemonade and then looks inside his pocket.

He does that a few times.

Finally, the bartender asks why does the guy want a Vodka-Lemo and then look at his pocket.

The guy answers "I have a picture of my wife in my pocket and when I find her pretty, I'll go home".

(of course this is a joke, in reality every girl are pretty ;))