Vodka and Coke

Vodka! Cola! Vodka! Cola! All together... :D



  • 60 ml of Vodka
  • coke
  • ice


  1. put the ice in the glass
  2. add the vodka
  3. end by adding coke


Calories: 320
Alcohol content: 13°
Best ratio: 1/3 of Vodka, 2/3 of Coke (Coca-Cola, Pepsi)


A few people are fan of Vodka-Coke, coke is usually linked to Whiskey. By the way, fans of whiskey are the ones that use coke do dilutes everything else (vodka, rum...). If you do that (dilutes everything with coke), people are going to look you in a strange way at parties :).

More about Vodka:
Lack of inspiration and information but I still have to write something. But I think this is done. :p

More about Coke:
I'd like to say Pepsi, Coca-Cola...

Last but not least

Good reasons to allow people to drink Vodka-Coke at work:

- Nobody is late in the morning
- Stress decreases
- Communication is better
- Complaints disappear
- We can stop the heaters
- Happiness at work increases
- People don't need holidays because it's much more pleasant to go to work
- Colleagues become friends
- Everything is funnier
- Ideas come easier and are more various
- More the worker drink more the work is beautiful (proverb very famous ^^).