Vodka Beer

Amazing mix of beer and vodka... or not, but not at all :o !



  • vodka
  • beer (yes, really)
  • ice


  1. put ice cubes in the glass
  2. pour the vodka
  3. end by beer


Calories: 310
Alcohol content: 17°
Best ratio: 1/3 of vodka, 2/3 of beer


Honestly, you made that drink because you had nothing else than beer to mix with vodka ? Or did you really want to make that mixture ? Because, it's quite hard to get it for me :D. If you drink that amazing drink, leave a comment !

More about vodka:
Nothing to say, sorry. Go on Wikipedia (but come back !)

More about beer:
Beer is an alcoholic drink made by fermentation, often made of water, malt or hop.

Last but not least

A guy walks around the Loch Ness lake. He goes into a pub to chill out and ask the barman:
- Usually, when does the Loch Ness monster appear ?

The barman says back:
- Oh, often around 6 or 7 vodka-beers.