Saturday night - Ideas to go out

U = Saturday night x ideas :

Ideas Probability of meeting people Probability of being kicked Probability of being drunk Probability of losing all your money
Bowling Low Low Low Strong
Nightclub Strong Strong(1) Strong Strong
Bar - Pub Strong Low(2) Medium(2) Medium(2)
Pool - Snooker Low Low Low Medium
Football table Medium Low Low(3) Low(4)
Laser tag Low Medium(5) Low Strong
Cinema Low Low Low Medium
Concert Low Low Low Strong

(1) If you're looking for troubles
(2) Here, you can show me I'm wrong and realize a "combo". That means: spend your money in drinks -> end drunk -> look for troubles and get kicked
(3) Not if you win all your games
(4) Not if you always play despite your defeats
(5) Yeah, between guys, it's more a laser-fight

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Some information:

  • Nightclub
  • So much different sort of nightclub that I don't know what to say. For guys, prefer a ratio of Women/Men as high as possible (yes I like mathematic formulas).

  • Bowling
  • Avoid the zero point and at least reach 80 points, that's all I ask for.

  • Bar
  • Meet the opposite sex.

  • Pool - Snooker
  • Be careful of the black ball.

  • Table football
  • Be careful of Fanny (1% of people can understand).

  • Laser tag
  • Alien vs Predator.

  • Cinema
  • Twilight is not allowed but with the company of beautiful women.

  • Concert
  • Very recommended: Ludwig van Beethoven, concerto for piano n°14 in D minor.

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