Prevent, reduce and get rid of a hangover


  • Eat fatty food

  • Fat slows down the absorption of alcohol and protects the alimentary canal.

During the party

  • Do not drink alcohol

  • The best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol, even a few drops.

  • Do not consume different types of alcohol

  • It is better to not drink more than one type of beverage during the night.

  • Avoid dark or amber colored alcohols

  • A study showed that for a same quantity of alcohol, 33% of people drinking an amber alcohol had a hangover instead of 3% for no colored alcohols.
    If you can, choose white alcohols (vodka, gin...) instead of dark or amber colored alcohols (whiskey, amber rum...).

  • Eat during the party

  • Food is useful to absorb alcohol in the stomach. This has no effect on the blood alcohol content but it can slow down the passing of alcohol in the blood and then the brain. Eat mostly carbs and sweet food. Avoid salty food.

  • Do not drive

  • If you have drunk, do not drive. If nobody is nice enough to get you back home and all your friends are drunk, you still have the possibility to sleep where you are or get a taxi to go back home.
    The very popular last solution is to find a bench and sleep.


  • Drink a lot of water

  • Your body is dehydrated because of alcohol (4 glasses of alcohol remove one liter of water). When you get in your home, drink a lot of water.
    You also can drink soups because they allow to replace mineral salts that you lost because of alcohol. As well, consume fruit juice that are rich in C vitamins and sugar. Honey in hot water is also a good remedy.
    Keep a bottle of water beside your bed that will allow you to drink before sleeping and in the morning when you wake up. You even can wake up your girlfriend by throwing water on her.

  • Sleep

  • Resting is the best remedy for the hangover. After a big drinking party, sleep as much as possible. Most of the time, you will not be able to do nothing else than stay in your bed the next day after the party. Then you must rest! More than a good advice, this is mostly the only thing you will be able to do :D.

  • Avoid caffeine

  • Do not drink too much coffee because it increases dehydration. Not really a good idea to fight against hangover.

  • Take a shower

  • There are no really effects against hangover but one thing is sure, it will be very pleasant.

  • Eat

  • Eat salty soups to recover your mineral salts and vitamins.