Blood alcohol level - Online Breathalyzer

Data :

Tell the following information and click on "Compute my blood alcohol content".

Man or woman :

What is your weight (kilograms)? (example: 70)
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
When did you drink your first drink? et
Did you eat?

Did you drink? How much? : (25 cl at 5%)
: (standard nightclub drink: 3 cl at 40%)
: (6 cl at 40%)
: (3 cl at 40%)
: (10 cl at 12%)
: (5 cl at 16%)
: (10 cl at 12%)
: (like mojito: 12 cl at 8%)


Blood alcohol level is also and mostly cold blood alcohol content (BAC).

You must know that most of the countries have a law telling you how much BAC you can reach. You must be aware of that if you want to drive a car after drinking alcohol.

The police can test you with devices like a breathalyser.

It is good to have a breathalyser in your car then you always know how much BAC you are. Anyway do not take a car or a motorbike after going to a nightclub and then, you will be sure to be fine with the law. The best thing to do is to pick someone who is not going to drink at all during the night and he or she will take back everybody home by car.

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