Tequila - Lemon juice

Lemon and Tequila, nothing is easier than that! ;)



  • 60 ml of Tequila
  • Lemon juice or lemonade
  • ice


  1. put the ice in the glass
  2. add the tequila
  3. end with lemon juice or lemonade


Calories: 127 with a few drops of lemon juice - 172 with lemonade
Alcohol content: 40° with a few drops of lemon juice - 13° with lemonade
Best ratio: 1/3 of Tequila, 2/3 of lemonade or a few drops of lemon juice.


Why Tequila-Lemon ? Because either we add a few drops of lemon juice or we add lemonade that is made of lemon. May be you know the "Teq paf"? The thing is you must "eat" some salt, drink one shot glass of tequila and then take a slice of lemon in your mouth. You'll see that lemon helps a lot to endure the tequila. :)

More about Tequila:
The name of this alcohol is the same as a city, a valley and a monntain of Mexico in the state of Jalisco.

Last but not least

Two cars are having a crash. The drivers get out of their cars very angry. But they realize that they are two childhood friends.

- That! Martin!

- Jean!

- Yes... are you alright?

- Good and you?

- I should be alright. Just a little shocked.

- Well, here is some tequila with lemon juice for you. You will feel better then. Drink and I'll try to find a Police officer.

- Thank you, this drink is very good! But you're not having one?!

- Not now, if you don't mind. You can finish the bottle, I'll get some later... after the breathalyser!