Rum and lemonade

Here is a mixture that goes very well! :)



  • 60 ml of rum
  • lemonade
  • ice


  1. put some ice into the glass
  2. then add the rum
  3. end by adding the lemonade


Calories: 150
Alcohol content: 13°
Best ratio: 1/3 of rum, 2/3 of lemonade


This is a really simple drink to make, it is almost only rum but the lemonade helps us to drink it. At the end, we could say that the rum is wasted with the adding of lemonade but what matters is that we are able to drink it :).

Last but not least

A guy comes in a bar by walking on his hands. The bartender is surprised and asks the reason of that behavior and the guy answers:

- That's my wife, she doesn't want that I put a foot in a bar anymore.