Rum and Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice is everywhere, even in the rum! :D



  • 60 ml of rum
  • grapefruit juice
  • ice


  1. add the ice
  2. then pour the rum
  3. end by filling the glass with grapefruit juice


Calories: 190
Alcohol content: 13°
Best ratio: 1/3 of rum, 2/3 of grapefruit juice


Here is a nice drink to change your habits during parties. What could I say more, nothing but try it! :)

More about Rum:
Coming from sugar can, it is made by fermentation and then distillation.

More about Grapefruit juice:
Drink that juice after getting medics is dangerous because the body doesn't remove them in the usual way.

Last but not least

Two guys are talking in a bar:

- What would you prefer as a disease? Parkinson or Alzheimer!

- No idea, and you?

- I prefer Parkinson because it is better to let a glass of Rum-Grapefruit fall than forget to drink it!