Malibu Coke

Coke dilutes any alcohol, even Malibu!



  • malibu
  • coke (coca-cola)
  • ice


  1. add ice in the glass
  2. pour the malibu
  3. pour the coke


Calories: 156
Alcohol content: 7
Best ratio: 1/3 of Malibu, 2/3 of Coke


If you want to get the alcohol content down, this drink is for you. Coke has the capacity to dilute any alcohol and most of the time, it is good!

More about Malibu:
This is a liquor made of rum, coconuts and sugar. It is around 21%.

More about coke:
Many other brands can replace Coca-Cola (the most famous) : Pepsi, Red bull coca...

Last but not least

A guy at the bar is drinking a Malibu-coke. He says to the barman :

- Hey ! You see the girl over there ? Give her a drink and say it comes from me !

- You don't get it ! She is a lesbian...

- So what ? It isn't a problem.

The barman brings the glass to the woman and says it comes from the guy. She thanks him with a smile.

Then the guy pays a second one, then a third one... At the end he decides to go seeing her. He asks :

- Is there still a war in Lesbia ?