Kalimotxo - Red wine and coke

There are many different names for this beverage but the right one is Kalimotxo and comes from Spain.



  • red wine
  • coke (coca-cola)
  • ice


  1. add some ice into the glass (optional)
  2. add red wine
  3. fill up the rest of the glass with coke


Calories: 90 (for 60 ml of wine and 120 ml of coke)
Alcohol content:
Best ratio: 1/3 of wine, 2/3 of coke

Information about Kalimotxo

This is a popular beverage for young Spanish people. It can be served in bars in Spain. People want a cheap way to make kalimotoxo. Then, they put a huge amount of the cheapest coke and red wine into a container and they drink it during the party.

Legend about the invention of this mixture:
Bartenders in Spain realize that their wine was not good anymore. Then they decided to mix it with coke to hide the bad taste. They named this cocktail Kalimotxo because of two of their friends that had "Kalimero" and "Motxo" as nicknames. These lead to Kalimotxo.

More about wine:
The fermentation of black grapes give wine. The time of that fermentation will specify the type of wine.

More about coke (Coca-Cola):
It comes from the United States. Today, about 1.4 billion of bottles are sold every day in the world.

Last but not least

In a bar in Spain, a guy orders many kalimotxo. He says:

- With all I have, it would be better that I don't drink everything.

- Really? And what do you have? ask the bartender

- 1.10 euros (or dollars, pounds and even yuan if you want ^^)