Let's have a bomb of jäger! :)



  • jägermeister
  • redbull


  1. make a shot of jägermeister
  2. find a glass where you can put a shot in it
  3. fill the glass with redbull
  4. put the shot of jäger inside the glass of redbull)
  5. here is your jägerbomb!


Calories: 260
Alcohol content: ~ 12°
Best ratio: it has to be done that way otherwise it won't be a jagerbomb :p.


The bomb is the shot of jägermeister which is in the glass of redbull. Now you understand the name of this drink. But why call that a bomb? I think it is the effect done to your body, a shot of jägermeister isn't without damage :D.

The Jägermeister is a German alcohol (liquor) with a particular taste.

More about jägermeister:
German word that means "hunting master". It's a 35° liquor made of medicinal plants.

More about redbull:
Created in 1987 by Dietrich Mateschitz, it is now the most famous energy drink in the world.

Last but not least

James and Kevin are having some jagerbombs while driving on the road. The passenger, James, says :

- Look Kevin! This is a police stop. We are going to get arrested for drinking alcohol while driving.

- Don't worry about that, says Kevin. We will just pull over and finish drinking, then we will get the label off the bottles and stick them on our arms.

- What are you talking about?! Says James

- Just let me talk, alright ?

They finish the bottles, hide them beside the seats and stick the label on their arms.

They get to the police stop. The officer asks :

- Did you drink ?

- No sir, says Kevin, we have stopped for three weeks thanks to the alcohol patch method. Just look at our arms.