Vodka and Gin

Hard drink. Just a small amount of it please! :D



  • 60 ml of Vodka
  • Gin
  • ice


  1. put the ice in the glass
  2. add the vodka
  3. end with Gin


Calories: 125 (for one small glass)
Alcohol content: 38°
Best ratio: use a small glass for shots.


This drink is better for a one shot glass, otherwise it is difficult to drink. This mixture is very strong, this is like drinking pure alcohol. By the way I don't know who has invented this drink, I heard of it then I made this page but I'm still septic :)!

More about Vodka:
The word voda means "small water". The word translating water is "voda" in Russian and "ka" is used as a diminutive.

More about Gin:
Gin is an alcohol made of Juniper berries that give it its particular taste. Gin is born in Scotland at the end of the 18th century.

Last but not least

A koala comes in a bar:

- A "Gin Vodka" please!

A bartender comes and ask for 20 dollars. But surprised by what he sees just in front of him, he says to the animal:

- This is no common to see Koala in the city center!

The Koala answers:

- Of course! With a 20 dollars "Gin-Vodka"...