Gin - Lemon

The drink that changes your habits, furthermore it is very good! ;)



  • 60 ml of Gin
  • lemon juice or lemonade
  • ice


  1. add as much ice as wanted
  2. pour the Gin
  3. end with lemon juice or lemonade


Calories: 190
Alcohol content: ~ 13°


The name "Gin-Lemon" comes from the fact that we mix lemon juice and Gin together to help us to drink Gin (if you see what I mean :)). We also can mix it with lemonade.

More about Gin:
This is an alcohol made by flavouring it with Juniper berries. It explains its original taste.

Last but not least

In a pub, a client very drunk insists to give him a last glass of Gin:

- Come on guy! Give me another drink, if you look well, you'll see that I am not drunk.

- Are you crazy ? You almost can't walk.

- No no! Do you want a proof? Look over there, the cat coming into the bar. I can tell you that it lost an eye. You see? I'm not drunk.

- That's right but you must know that the cat is not coming in the bar but leaving it!

(this joke is incomprehensible ^^)