Usain Bolt / The beer 100 meters

The 100 meters at the Olympics Games is becoming too simple, now let's leave the place to the beer 100 meters. The Drinking Olympics Games will take place and the new Usain Bolt is you! On your mark, get set, drink!

Rules :

  • a place with free 100 meters
  • beers, lots of beers

Let's go!

The standard drinking game is 100 meters to go with a beer every 25 meters, so 4 beers in total. To keep going, you must drink up every beers. I know that's hard :p.

The number of beers depends on your motivation. Of course, there are many different ways to set up the race, be creative and make this 100 meters harder!

As well, you can change the distance. Why not doing a Beer Marathon? :D

Train hard, develop all your skills : sober speed, drunk speed, drinking abilities, etc. And maybe one day you will be at the world cup! If it exists...