The sucker

Be careful not to be the sucker, otherwise you'll drink a lot ! But don't be afraid, this game will be quickly famous in your parties.


  • two dice
  • 2 players minimum

Getting ready

Nothing difficult, everyone must have his glass full. Pick a player who starts and then, successively, each player throws the dice and follows the rules stated below.

Global rules :

  • Doubles
  • You have to give as much shot as shown by one die. You can divide the shots to give them to many players.
    Example: the dice show 2 and 2, then you give 2 shots to drink.

  • The sucker
  • If one of the dice shows 3 (for the first time), then you become the "sucker". Now, anytime someone makes a 3 with the dice, the sucker drinks a shot. To get out of this nightmare, the sucker must do a 3 again and the sucker title will be back in the game.

Rules on the sum of the dice :

The numbers are about the sum of the dice.

  • 7
  • Every player must touch their forehead with their thumbs, the last one to do so drinks.

  • 9
  • The player on your left drinks.

  • 10
  • Every player must drink a shot.

  • 11
  • The player on your right drinks.

  • 12
  • The player drinks and make a rule (you also have to give 6 shots because you did a double).