The Lord of the Rings - Movie drinking game

Turn on your TV, laptop or anything. Start the movie and play! ^^

Rules :

  • Something to watch the movie
  • The Lord of the ring movie

All movie :

Drink a shot every time:

  • Someone smokes a pipe.
  • Friendly fights between elves and dwarves.
  • You see a big statue or an old broken statue.
  • The mine of Moria is quoted.
  • The ancestors of a character are mentioned.
  • Gandalf uses magic.

The ring :

Drink a shot every time:

  • Close-up on the ring in a hand.
  • Someone is tempted by the ring.
  • Frodo asks someone to carry the ring.
  • Someone wears the ring.
  • The ring is called "my precious".

Humans :

Take a shot every time:

  • Boromir talks about the Gondor.
  • Aragorn kisses Arwen.

Hobbits :

Take a shot every time:

  • Sam says "Mister Frodo".
  • Frodo's sword shines.

Elves :

Drink a shot every time:

  • Someone talks in elvish language.
  • Anytime you think of matrix when you see Elrond.
  • Legolas kills someone with an arrow.
  • Elrond mentions the weakness of men.

A huge shot:

Drink a big shot when:

  • Gandalf says "You shall not pass!".
  • Pippin acts stupid or makes a mistake.
  • A Hobbit complains about hunger.
  • You think Legolas brags.
  • If a elf woman is seen. Arwen or Galadriel does not count.