The Spaceship


  • deck of 52 cards
  • 2 players minimum


For this drinking game, every player must have their drinks in front of them with the beverage they want (never empty and with alcohol !). Also, a glass must be on the middle of the table, it will be the famous spaceship ! ;)

Take-off !

  • As
  • You give a shot.

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • You give as much shot as the card shows.

  • 7 - Toilet pass
  • This card gives you the right to go to the toilet. You can also give the card to one player, don't be unkind. :p

  • 8 - To the port side !
  • The player to your right drinks.

  • 9 - To the starboard !
  • The player to your left drinks.

  • 10 - Question Master
  • The owner of the 10 can question anyone. If the player answers, he drinks. To say it easily, no player should answer the question master.

  • Queen - The river
  • Be careful, difficult one ! Stay focus :D. Every player drink at the same time. The one who has picked the queen must be the first to stop, as long as he drinks, the others drink. When he stops, it is to the player on his right to stop (when he wants to) and so on. Do you understand ? :D
    To say it easily, you do not stop to drink as long as the player to your left does not stop.

  • King and Jack - The spaceship
  • Any time you pick a king or a jack, you add some of your glass into the middle one. The player who picks the last card from the eights (kings + jacks) must drink the full spaceship (middle glass) ! :)
Of course the game stops when the spaceship has been emptied by a player. Then let's start again !