Poker Pyramid

This game is a wink to the poker game. But don't panic, you don't need to be a professional at poker to climb to the top of this pyramid.


  • deck of 52 cards
  • 2 players minimum

First of all, shuffle the deck and lay 15 cards face down to form a rectangle as shown below :

Then, give 2 cards face up to each player.

The game starts by turning the card over on the bottom right corner.
But before doing that, some explications on how to use the rectangle !


On the rectangle, there are 3 kinds of rows : one that make you drink, one that make someone else drink, and one useful later for the poker game (Texas Holdem) :

Explication to the 2 first rows :

- row that makes you drink : if you have the same card that the card you just turned over, you have to drink.
- row that makes you give a shot : if you have the same card that the card you just turned over, you have to give a shot to someone else.

How to play a game :

Now, let's get back to the first card to turn over : the one at the right bottom.

If you understand how the rows work, you know that this card makes you drink. So if you have in your hand a card with the same value, you have to drink.

The first part of the game is now over, let's go to the next card.

Every turn starts by turning over a card in the rectangle following this order :

How much to drink ?

You will understand very quickly with this draw :

The first column = 1 shot
The second column = 2 shots
and 5 shots for the fifth column (it's becoming harder). :)

Let's play poker :

When you have turned over all the cards from the two first rows, only a mysterious row stays.

That's simple if you already know the rules of the game : Texas Holdem (you don't mind if I don't teach you the rules, ok ?). ;)

Let's get back to this third row. If you have the best combination of 5 cards (flop and your hand), you can make someone drink his full glass.

Have fun !