I have never ever

I have never ever... played this game, so this is the time to do so ! ;)


  • 2 players minimum


You only need alcohol, some glasses and to pick a player to start.

How to play ?

The rules are easy, you need nothing else than your imagination and a lot of original experiences that would make the others drink.

Successively, each player must say something he has never done like a story, experience or anything. Then the players that have done this something at least once in their life must drink.

Example :
I have never ever been to France.
If I did go to France, I have to drink.

Of course, why the game is famous comes from the fact that you can learn big secrets about others. Then a lot of subjects come up such as sex, love, girl/boyfriends, big parties, etc.

For example, you can go on "I have never ever had sex in that or this original place". Also, you can go on ways or positions about you know what. ;)

You can also force the other players to go on that kind of thing (funny, original, etc). Otherwise, it's going to be boring.

To not forget :

Most importantly, we could even say the rule number one : the players must be really honest. Otherwise, there is no point to play this game.

Get a lot of imagination to discover your friends' secrets !