The Monkey


  • no materials needed
  • 2 players minimum

Getting ready

Gather anywhere, you just need a glass with you. No materials are needed, only your brain which is not often available at parties :D.

Let's do the monkey !

The goal of the game is to make a word with the letters given by every player successively.

The first player starts by saying a letter, then the second player does the same and so on. The player who says a letter must have a word in mind which include every letter already given in the right order. Because anyone can ask anytime to the person that it is its turn : "what word are you thinking of ?".

The person loses and drinks when :
- someone asks for the word and he cannot answer
- he cannot give any more letters
- he asks for the word and the other player give a correct answer

Of course, every player can try to bluff by giving a letter without thinking of any existing word, if no one asks him for a word, then the turn will go on and the next player will probably lose.

Example :

1) Martin gives the letter "P", Julie give an "L", then Martin asks Julie for the word she has in mind. Julie answers "PLANE", which is correct and then Martin drinks.

2) Pierre says "F", Paul gives an "O", Marie continues with a "U", Ronan bluffs with a "W", then Pierre gives an "E". Marie asks Pierre for the word. Pierre cannot answer, then he drinks.

There are too many examples to be all given, I hope you understand everything :).

The Monkey quarter :

The Monkey game also can be named "The Monkey quarter" because of the following rule.

For every game, a monkey quarter is given. The loser takes the quarter and so on until you have a full monkey.

Every step means a certain amount to drink :
- 1/4 : one finger
- 2/4 : two fingers
- 3/4 : three fingers
- 4/4 (full monkey) : whole glass

Here you are ready to play, I hope you are good at vocabulary :) !