• 2 dice
  • one opaque glass
  • 3 players minimum

Kinitooo !

The first person to play shuffle the dice under the glass, then, only himself look at the result.
The higher value of the dice is the ten and the lower is the single number. For example, if the dice show "1" and "5", the result is "51".

So only he knows the result, he must then announce it. He can bluff or tell the truth.

Then many things are possible :

- another player says he lies
In this case, if the player who knows the result told the truth, then the other player drinks, if not, he drinks.

- everyone believe him
So the turn goes to the other players who has to do a higher result than the one announced before. He shuffles the dice and of course, again, he can lie and then you follow what I said previously.

Example :

There are fours players in the game.

P1 does "41" - He announces "41"
The next player P2 believes him.

P2 does "32" - He announces "52"
The next player P3 believes him.

P3 does "22" - He announces "53"
P4 doesn't believe him and he is right

P3 drinks.

The player P3 has lost.

Kinito = 21 :

If you do a "21" (the dice show 2 and 1), you chose a player. He has to throw the dice to avoid drinking. To do so, he has to do a "21" and he has 3 chances. At any chances, he can keep a 2 or a 1 and throw the other die alone.

If this player manages to do a "21" then he picks another player and the same procedures goes on until someone loses. Something important is that the amount to drink is double anytime you manage to do a 21 and pick another player.