The Game Master


  • deck of 32 or 52 cards
  • 2 players minimum


Choose a player who will be the Game Master. He must ask the questions and turn the card around. Of course, he also plays the game ^^.

Drink or give?

There is 4 stages, the game master gives a card to each player for every stage. He does like this : ask the questions to the player, once the player has answered he turns the card around and goes to the next player. He also does it for himself, without cheating :p !

During the game, the player drinks if he answers wrong or gives a shot if he answers right :D.

  • First stage: red or black?
  • The player must announce if the card is going to be red or black.

  • Second stage: higher or lower?
  • The player has to say if the card is going to be higher or lower than the previous given card.

  • Third stage: Inside or outside?
  • The player has to say if the card is or isn't between the two previous given cards.

  • Fourth stage:Heart, spade, diamond, club?
  • The player must give the color of the next card.
Here we are, that's all ! You can start again as much as you want.