Fuck you

Here, "fuck you" is not a insult but an invitation to drink your glass. Also, thank to its rules, every games are full of surprise ! :)

Rules :

  • deck of cards
  • 2 players minimum

First, shuffle the cards and put a lot of cards face down on the table :

Fuck you pyramid

Then, give all the cards left to every players. Each player must have the same number of cards.

Let's get started

The game starts by showing the first card of the pyramid : the one at the right bottom.

If you have the same card that the one shown, you can make someone drink. To give a drink, put you card on the shown card of the pyramid and say fuck you "name of the player". Then everyone count from 3 to zero.

Here the fun comes... If another player has the same card in his hand, he can double the quantity of drink. To do so, he must do the same steps as the last player did. And say fuck you "name of the same or another player" (by putting his card). He has to do it before the end of the count down, and then another count down starts. This stops when no one plays before the end of the count down. At this point, the last guy who put his card on the shown card of the pyramid wins and the nominated player has to drink the correct quantity of his drink.

How to know how much to drink?

You must drink!? But you don't know how much? Don't try to cheat and read this : xD

This is very easy, you have to count how many cards are on the table including the shown cards. Then, multiply this number by the position of the shown card in the pyramid :

How to drink

You have therefore the quantity of beverage that you have to drink. And this is how ends the first round of the game !

Let's keep going !

Don't stop here, you just have to repeat everything until the last card of the pyramid by following this way :

Way to go

The game stops with the card on the top of the pyramid.

Have fun ! ;)