The Fat Pig

Better to avoid the pigs at a party, but not the Fat Pig :D


  • 2 dice
  • 2 players minimum

Each player throws the dice successively, and follow the rules stated below.

One global rule

As long as a player makes another one drinks, he keeps the hand and throws the dice.

Seven rules with the dice

Sum the dice

  • 6
  • All the players say the name of someone at the same time. The person who has the maximum of "votes" drinks.

  • 7
  • The player has to put his thumb on his forehead, when so, everyone has to do it and the last one to do it drinks.

  • 9
  • The player on your left drinks.

  • 10
  • You drink (yes, you).

  • 11
  • The player on your right drinks.

  • 12
  • You invent a rule that will stay during all the game.

Specific rules

  • Doubles
  • The player who does a double with the dice must give as much shot as the quantity given by one of the two dice.
    (for example : : 4 shots to give)

  • The Fat Pig
  • - The first player to do one become the Fat Pig.
    - Then, the Fat Pig has to drink every time someone else does a 3 .
    - To stop being the Fat Pig, you must do another with the dice.