• beer bottles
  • 2 players minimum

Caps is a drinking game that is played with beer bottles. The goal is to throw a cap to touch a cap laying upside down on the top of your opponent's bottle.

Getting ready

We often play 1 versus 1 but you can also play with two teams (we'll see this case later). For now, the rules stated below describe the 1v1 game.

First of all, take the top off from two beer bottles and then place them face to face with a 3 meter gap between them. Put the caps upside down on the top of the bottles.

To end, discuss the amount of shots that you will need to empty one bottle (something like between 3 and 5).

Here you are, ready to play !

To your caps !

Draw someone to start.

The goal is to touch and make your opponent's cap falling by throwing your cap on it.
So, turn by turn, the players will try to shoot the caps.

There is something you must know about the caps you use to shoot : you can deform a cap you use to shoot in any way you want. Most of the time, they are bent in two for better aerodynamics. :p

If a player sees his cap fall, he has to drink a shot of what's inside his beer (do not forget how much is a shot).

The game stops when you don't have enough beers left, when you're too drunk or whenever you want. :D


With teams, the rules are almost the same, only three things change. Here they are.

You need to be playing with as much beer as the players involved. And for each team, there must be a contact between the beers.

Also, anytime a player drinks, his whole team drink ! :)