Bin Laden drinking game

This game was born with the death of Osama Bin Laden (yeah I know, this is not something that normally lead to a game :D). This is not very fun to call a game with the name of Bin Laden but forget all of this ! Terrorists, let's go ! ;)


  • deck of 52 cards
  • at least 2 players

Let's get ready

Put a glass in the middle of the table and put the cards face down around the glass to make a circle. Then, turn by turn, each player picks a card.

Let's bring the terror !

  • 2 - Osama card
  • Every person that picks this card becomes Osama. Now, every other player must call you "Osama" or "Hide and seek master". If someone makes a mistake, he drinks. Also, the owner of the card save himself a attack from another player (only once, this is like a "joker").

  • 3 - Freedom!
  • Wait... I lied, drink three times.

  • 4 - Denounce a terrorist
  • Give three shots to the terrorist of your choice.

  • 5 - American bombing
  • The card owner may use the rule whenever he wants only once. The rule says that the player shouts "duck for cover" and stand up. All the players must do the same and the last one to do it drinks.

  • 6 - Turban card!
  • Whoever picks the card must wear a "turban". If you don't have one or there is no shop near you, use a towel or any clothes that could do it.
    The turban guy must talk with the accent that he thinks Bin Ladden and his mates have. Everytime he doesn't speak with the accent or wear the turban, he must drink 3 times. When another 6 is picked up, the turban and the accent goes to the new owner of the 6.

  • 7 - Hell
  • Bin Laden went to Hell for sure. When someone picks this card, he discreetly touches the ground shouting "God all powerfull". The last one to do it must drink.

  • 8 - Hide and seek
  • Bin Laden was the best player ever at "Hide and seek". To honor his hobby, the person that pick the 8 is now lost by the other players. Then anyone that says his name, look in his eyes or talk to him must drink.

  • 9 - 9/11
  • Osama is known for 9/11. Then anyone who pick the 9 must make a jagerbomb and give it to someone to drink it up. If you don't have the ingredients, you (the 9 picker) must drink in honor of your team. To remember you : how to do a jagerbomb

  • 10 - Toilet master
  • You are the owner of the 10. Every other players must ask your permission to go to the toilets.

  • Jack - The tactician
  • Ben Laden was a tacticien and everyone had to follow his rules. Do the same : make a rule that everyone must follow during the game.

  • Queen - Taliban Interrogation
  • The player that has picked the Queen keeps the card and becomes the interrogator. If any players answer one of his questions, the player who had answered must drink.

  • King - Ben Laden Party
  • Bin Laden is known to organize a different party every night, that's why it's difficult to intercept him. Add some of your drink into the glass on the middle of the table. The player that picks the fourth and last king drinks the whole glass.

  • As - Celebration !
  • We have catched him! Everyone drink to celebrate this day as it must be done. End up your glass in one shot.


    Everyone must go around the table saying "Obama", "Osama", "Obama", "Osama"... If someone breaks the chain or make a mistake, he drinks. If no one talks or hesitates during too long, everyone drink.