The Avengers - Movie drinking game

Sit down in front of the movie "The Avengers" and play!

Rules :

  • TV, laptop or private movie theater
  • The Avengers movie

One shot:

Drink one shot every time:

  • Someone dies.
  • There is a fight.
  • Someone shouts.
  • A superhero has changed clothes.

  • Drink one shot when you see:

  • Something blows up.
  • Superhero logo.
  • Breaking news on TV.
  • References to Marvel movies.

  • Drink one shot when someone says:

  • The real name of one of the heros.
  • Some pseudo-explanation scientific.
  • Shield (name of the organization).

Whole glass!

Drink up your whole glass when:

  • Tony Stark gives a talk. You know, like he is the only one that can do speeches like that. You know what I mean ;).