Drinking games

Fuck you

Here, "fuck you" is not a insult but an invitation to drink your glass. This game is very exciting and you'll never be out of reach.

Usain bolt

The new drinking competition will very soon be part of the Olympic Games. Then have a look to its rules and train hard!

Bin laden

Excellent game! The rules refer to what we would think of Bin Laden as a parody. Don't take this seriously and have fun!

The Avengers

Movie Game!. Be careful to don't end up very bad, this is just a movie after all.

The lord of the rings

You shall not pass!

The Fat Pig

Nothing to do with pigs that come to arrest you. Here there is no control, you are free to enjoy !

The Monkey

Who wants to do the monkey ? You will have to know a lot of vocabulary to avoid being the monkey. Very funny game !

The sucker

You don't want to be the sucker ! Here is the motto of this game, but don't worry, whatever is your position, you'll have fun !

King of Thumbs

Become the Master of Thumbs and make your friends drink ! The mortals must stay focus !

Never Ever

The famous game called I have never ever ! You want to know everything about your friends, you are in the right place !

In my Suitcase

In my suitcase, I have...? You better know or you will drink ! Very famous and very funny game !

The Spaceship

The goal is to load the spaceship and at the same time, to play many rules. But be careful to not be the one to empty it.

Blow Me

The goal is to blow to make the cards fall. This is an easy game that sustains the suspense !


To do on the rhythm of "We will rock you" from "Queen". Then, everyone chooses a sign and let's go !

Game Master

You want to be the Game Master, period.


The goal of this game is to make a cap fall from the top of a beer bottle. Train your skills to make your opponents drink !

Poker Pyramid

This game is a wink to the poker game. But don't worry, you don't need to be a professional player to get to the top of the pyramid.

Red or Black

This drinking game has nothing to do with the French book !


Make the bottle turn and wait to see who is going to drink !


This drinking game is also called 21 and is played with dice. You can bluff but don't be the one to be fooled.