Fruit juice is always good for health !

Vodka Orange

What is easier than this party drink? Every alcohol is mixed with orange juice because it is cheap and it makes everything better (or not). Let's see more!

Rum Apple

Discover the evolution of vodka-apple... rum-apple!

Rum Grapefruit

Grapefruit juice can do everything, it even dilutes alcohol.

Rum Orange

The new drink coming from after vodka-orange. Better? Have a look!

Rum Pineapple

Here is a drink which gives a lot of energy. But that doesn't mean you can drink that for breakfast! Only at party, or before and even afterward. Try it!

Tequila Orange

For the ones that can not drink pure Tequila.

Vodka Apple

Often cosumed in nightclubs! Here you have a legendary drink!

Coke is everywhere

Whiskey Coke

Be careful, true lovers of whiskey will blame you for having mixed it with coke! But don't worry, this beverage is a famous one, you won't feel alone.

Vodka Coke

This drink is very unknown but you have to discover it!

A little of prestige with Champagne

Rum Champagne

Presige of champagne mixed with strenght of rum... nothing extraordinary actually!

Vodka Champagne

Prestige of Champagne with strength of Vodka. Legendary!

Lack of energy? These drinks are for you!

Vodka Dark Dog

Here is another drink mixed with an energy drink. Have a look.

Vodka Redbull

Dangerous party drink? Newspapers always write that! Don't worry, as soon as you do not drink a lot, you are fine. Learn more!

Here are some originals beverages!


Shot of Jagermeister in a glass of redbull. Here is the bomb!


This is a famous drink in Spain. It is made of red wine and coke. Then, it is cheap! And you are not going to have a headache in the morning. Learn more!

The strangest party drinks ever !

Malibu Coke

Every alcohols have their name linked to Coke, he dilutes everything!

Rum Lemonade

One glass? Come on! Two? Three? Whatever, take as many as you want!

Vodka Beer

If you do not have anything else than these ingredients close to you, your only choice is this drink! It seems weird but learn more!

Vodka Lemonade

Nothing is easier than that mixture. Then see the page and try it!

Vodka Perrier

Nothing is easier than this party drink. It goes very well, try it!

Vodka Sprite

This one is easy and it goes very well. You have to try it... or not!

Whiskey Apple

Did you know that party drink exist? Hard to believe.

Whiskey Lemonade

Never seen that, whiskey and lemonade. The perfect mixture? You tell me.

These are strong, are you sure you want them?

Gin Vodka

Gin and vodka together will leave some hangovers. Try it in a one shot glass, it's much better.

Malibu Vodka

Coconut, who says it does not fit vodka? Here you have a strong drink, then be careful... or not! At least, have a look!

Some others

Gin Lemon

Change your habits with this alcoholic drink.

Tequila Lemon

A few drops of lemon juice will help you to drink that Tequila.

Vodka Fanta

Nothing to say, just go the page to know more!

Vodka Ice Tea

This beverage is not really known but who said that ice tea does not dilute alcohol?

Vodka kas

This is becoming very famous! This is a really simple beverage because you can find kas and vodka everywhere and they are cheap. Try it and you will like it!